Social Responsability




In Salcedo we have always been committed to the environment and the society that surrounds us.

Our feeling of commitment has always been directed in these two areas:

1. Respect for the environment. Our activity has always ensured that both Salcedo and its suppliers are respectful and careful with the environment. The main raw material of our products is made up of recycled wood chips and derivatives and our collaborators have the PEFC and FSC stamps that accredit their respect for the environment.

And on the other hand, over time, we are replacing all the processes and products that interfere in our productive process with more sustainable ones that make us more efficient and less harmful.

2. Collaboration with the society that surrounds us. We have always been clear that we are part of a society that is affected to a greater or lesser extent by all the decisions we make, which is why they are a very important variable to be taken into account at all times.

When it is in our hands we collaborate with the community that surrounds us in a more direct way, sponsoring sports, social and cultural activities. We collaborate with NGOs and associations, donating products for the most disadvantaged. In short, we try, within our possibilities, to collaborate in the creation of a more egalitarian, sustainable and better society for all.

We understand that this is not enough, but we must take that commitment to specific actions and include it in the company's strategy, becoming a relevant issue in management.

Motivated by this feeling, in 2017 we started in the InnovaRSE program of the government of Navarra, (Corporate Social Responsibility plan), which consists of 4 phases: diagnosis, action plan, sustainability report and improvement cycles.

We have already passed the third phase "Sustainability Report" being certified by the Government of Navarre and having the seal that certifies it.

This program is based on three sections, social, environmental and economic, incorporating specific actions of the plan to the management of the company, making it much more socially responsible.

Our commitment is to continue working in this line and that in the near future our management will be fully socially responsible, which will entail that we be respectful with the three areas of the plan: economic, social and environmental.

Following this line, we have incorporated SOCIAL ACCOUNTING, (Monetization of Generated Social Value) into our economic management, using the model created by the University of Deusto and GEAccounting.
With the objective of offering a faithful image of the economic reality of the company and complying with the legal framework, we annually carry out an External Audit of Accounts.