About Us

Salcedo is the brand which since 1924 has made us known as home furniture manufacturer. Since then, we have been adapting ourselves to suit various suggestions and needs in the Spanish market and in European markets since 2013, especially in France, Belgium and Portugal.

 The teamwork- based management model we apply provides competitiveness, flexibility, quality, prompt service and clarity in management; it’s a global commitment.

Our catalogue is based on 4 Salcedo products series.

1 Modern living/dining room

2 Modern bedroom

3 Contemporary living/dining room

4 Contemporary bedroom

Furthermore, we are indirect suppliers of facilities and contract: we provide our competitiveness in projects and remodelling of hotels, retirement homes, residences, offices,…

More than 2 000 distribution points in Europe allow us to reach different markets and do our best in terms of delivery deadlines and maximum customer satisfaction.

Our international vocation leads us to set us to broaden our business horizon to markets where our products may be competitive.

Our product design and development department does research, creates and adapts our series in order to suit our customers’ needs and different styles.

In Viana (Navarre, Spain, Europe), in a 70 000 m2 area, are located our 30 000 m2 production facilities, where the furniture in our current catalogue is manufactures and assembled.

Open to the needs and suggestions that markets establish at the time.