Cleaning your furniture

Tips for cleaning your Salcedo’s furniture


The SALCEDO’s furnitures are contemporary furnitures that combines design and quality finishes.

They are produced with wood particle board coated with a decorative layer impregnated with melamine resins. It confers a completely closed surface, free of pores, hard, waterproof and resistant to both heat and wear.

The base material of the furniture is the result of recycling of wood waste from other manufacturing processes (sawing, sanding, etc ..). It turns out to be a very environmentally friendly product.

It is a material that has evolved greatly over time. At present, it is of high quality, aesthetically very similar to the wood veneer and available in various colors, patterns and textures.

Our furniture is designed for indoor use where it resists moisture and temperature changes; it is ideal for everyday use.

Although they are highly resistant to wear, we must not forget that the furniture require some maintenance to keep it as the first day.


It is a resistant material and maintenance is quite simple:

It is resistant to stains and detergents that are used to remove them.

All we need is a soft cloth dampened with soapy water, disinfectant or alcohol. After cleaning the furniture is suitable to spend another absorbent, dry and soft cloth to avoid watermarks.

For bright tones, we recommend that the disinfectant is not especially aggressive and does not contain solvents that could eliminate the brightness; we recommend using a dry polishing cloth so that the resins remain as new.

Alcohol-based cleaners or hand dishwashing offer the best results because they not grated or make furniture lose luster.




Products should not be used in the cleaning of furniture:


Wax and sprays containing silicones or oils, are not very recommended cleaners or maintenance products because they will greased the furniture.

Steam cleaning equipment should not be used.

In any case, stripping abrasive (scouring powder, steel wool), or polish, wax, furniture cleaners, bleaching agents nor maintenance products containing strong acids and acid salts, should be used.

All these substances, as well as abrasive cloths and rough sponges, make gradually appear irreversible marks, and can permanently damage the surface in case of intense friction.

Avoid spilling water on the surfaces of furniture, this may damage the board and inflate it, in addition to damaging the surface swell. (Beware with flower pots and vases).

These tips will help you keep our furniture like new.