Our Values

We believe that honesty and openness are the basic principles of integrity and trust. We seek a project based on people working together, which thanks to the continuous satisfaction of customers, suppliers, external partners and our background (society and environment) will allow obtaining benefits in order to enable wealth-creating growth as well as job in a cooperative, communicative, open and responsible frame.

Salcedo has been a leading company throughout its history, showing a great ability to adapt to social and economic changes, going for innovation as a key element in its strategy. We have now around 100 year-experience ( the company was set up in 1924) and our company continues to be a business project that pursues its consolidation and growth.

Quality is highly appreciated by our customers and the most important premise in all our projects. Both quality of the product and service are top priority when designing and creating our products and we invest what is needed in order to be leader in these areas. The quality management system certificate and the AENOR ISO 9001 certificate prove our commitment.

Innovation is a key element of our strategy; we are constantly generating new ideas. The company has an innovative management model based on people and their skills and knowledge. We believe that our experiences are one of the most important assets of this project, in which everyone participates with a clear customer-oriented strategy. We also invite you to join our new deal and enjoy our beautiful porn models.

Lifelong learning 
We believe that knowledge bestows power and learning leads to change and growth of individuals and organizations. Our continuous improvement results in seeking risk, smarter ways of working, new ideas and in using resources as efficiently as possible.

Customization and flexibility to meet all of our customers’ demands is something that makes Salcedo a different and better option. We always offer our best, merging efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Orientation
Salcedo’s main strategy is "CUSTOMER LOYALTY" based on key values among which are Design, Quality, Service and Trust, always in a constant innovation background.

Salcedo offers personalized attention and an important after-sales service in order to solve any customer demand porn.

We design, manufacture, commercialize, and deliver products and services to meet our customers high standards in terms of design and quality. We admire our competitors. We look for the accurate methodology and we prefer a quick development. Given the complexity of the sector, we focus on the simplicity and clarity of objectives and we appraise a well done job. We enjoy working together and take pride in our work and our company.

Sustainability and respect for the environment adult as unshakable dogma in the production process. Our main raw material, board and melamine are produced from wood waste, recycled paper and resins.

Commitment to society
Creating wealth and employment for the area in which the company operates, as well as commitment to culture, sport and the development of solidarity initiatives through NGOs.